Baker Perkins Remembered

Cloth badge worn by the Baker Perkins Fire Brigade during WWIIWelcome to the ‘Baker Perkins Remembered’ web site. The purpose of this site is not to tell the history of Baker Perkins, it is to briefly look back into the past to see in pictures what was happening at Westwood during the period from the Second World War up to 2003.

When I first began to take the modern photographs found on this site, it was in order to show a comparison with the past and let people see what still existed at Westfield Road. I wanted to put wartime photographs of the factory side by side with present day pictures taken at the exact, same locations. Inevitably the factory was knocked down soon afterwards so this is not a record of ‘Then and Now’ but rather, ‘Then and 2003.’

Also on this web site can be found a collection of documents and artifacts which date back to the Second World War, and a gallery of photographs that I took in the old bakery fitting shop in the late 1970’s. If you were there, you might see yourself!

I left Baker Perkins in 1981 in the first wave of a number of redundancies. The management eventually sold out and the company changed names a couple of times before finally becoming APV which then moved to new premises on the outskirts of Peterborough, and the old, established name of Baker Perkins was no more. The old site fell in to disrepair and the derelict buildings were eventually demolished in 2003 and a new prison was quickly built on the site.

That’s enough of the history lesson, why not take a look at the pictures.

25 Pounder anti-tank guns on the production line
The main office block being demolished
"The worlds oldest and largest manuacturers of food machinery"

Any mistakes are my own, if you spot any please let me know and I will make the required changes.

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