Baker Perkins Remembered

This gallery consists of a number of photographs I took in the biscuit bay one Christmas around the late 1970’s, possibly 1980. I am afraid memory dictates that I can not name everyone shown although I used to know them all. To those not named here, please let me know and I will identify everyone.

Group Photograph Fitting Shop

Group Photograph Fitting Shop

Stan Wilson (white coat), Graham Conquest, Ron Philips, David Gray (looking right), Tom Wilsoncroft, Steve Luff, Jon Strickland, Steve Moore, Nigel Burgess, Roger Negus.

As before but the photographers have swapped, Paul Christian has replaced David Gray.

'Aircraft Corner'

Fitting Shop

Some might remember Roger Negus and David Gray’s ‘Aircraft Corner.’

Ron Philips in happy mood, Jon Strickland can be seen peeping around the screen.

Group in Fitting Shop

Fitting Shop

Ron, one other (sorry), and Jon.

Paul Christian goes overboard with the Christmas decorations.

Fitting Shop

Fitting Shop

Jon Strickland.

Nigel Burgess.

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