Baker Perkins Remembered

On this page can be found a collection of items relating to the wartime period at Baker Perkins.

Proof Range Test Sheet

A.R.P. Time Sheet

A sheet recording ‘Ammunition Used in Stock at Proof Range,’ dated 30th September 1944. This recorded the test firing of 5.5 and 25 Pounder guns: No. of Paper Shot, No. of Rounds, No. of Percussion, No. of Primers. This was signed by J. Honeyball. These sheets were printed on the back of standard letter forms to save paper, four different examples can be seen below.

This is form ‘A.R.P/F.5.’ It recorded the details of personnel clocking on and off duty. On the back is printed: ‘This form to be completed and handed to Night Controller as quickly as possible after the “All Clear” is sounded.’

Records of Returned Equipment

Records of Returned Equipment

A collection of scribbled notes and a duplicate book recording the handing in of Fireman’s equipment from different people at the end of the war. All are dated and include: A.R.P. Hand Lamp, Axe & Belt, Tin Hat, Respirator etc.

The same documents as mentioned in the previous picture. Click here for more details

Standard Letters

Fireman's Lecture Notes

Four standard letters on the back of which were printed the Proof Range testing results. The letters are headed ‘INSPECTING OFFICER (CARRIAGES), ARMAMENTS INSPECTION DEPARTMENT, c/o Messrs, BAKER PERKINS & CO, LTD, WESTWOOD WORKS, PETERBOROUGH. They all relate to the receipt of Government contracts.

A four page set of notes recording the events which took place at Keysthorpe Hall, during the period of Friday 23rd April, to Sunday 25th April 1943. This appears to have been a three day Fire Training course for the company Brigade and included lectures along with practical exercises.

Castings Order Sheet

Hand Drawn Plan of Baker Perkins Site


This is a plan of the whole Baker Perkins site drawn in pencil probably by a member of the company Fire Brigade. Unfortunately, although easy enough to read, it does not reproduce very clearly here. It shows locations of all the main buildings, air raid shelters and fire hydrants. Each building is named.


Wartime at Baker Perkins Book

This is a blueprint and is stamped ‘BAKER PERKINS LTD 10th November 1939.’ This has been done by the use of small perforations and is better seen when held up to the light. It shows a ‘Pyrene Pulsometer, Trailer Type Fire Engine. 350-500 G.P.M.’

This is a collection of documents which were sent to Baker Perkins employees after the war to show the work which was done and to thank them for their efforts both at home and in the Services.

Service Respirator Worn by Fireman L. Featherstone

Service Respirator Worn by Fireman L. Featherstone

This is a Service Gas Mask which belonged to L. Featherstone, who was a member of the Baker Perkins Fire Brigade during the war.

The home made name tag made from aluminium attached to the respirator bag with wire. On it is stamped: ‘L. Featherstone, 111 Belsize Avenue, Peterborough.’

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